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About Plason

PlaSon is developed based on the atmospheric pressure plasma and ultrasonic technology. The system can be used in separate function of Plasma Poration™ and Sono Poration™, or can be used in combination of both. It is effectively used in transdermal drug absorption, skin rejuvenation, purification, tightening, sterilization and wound healing.

Key features

High Frequency, High Pressure

Creating low-temperature atmospheric plasma by applying high-frequency, high-pressure in atmosphere.

Low-temp atmospheric Plasma

Delivering stable plasma ion to the tip of the handpiece. 

Biochemical molecule radicals

Stable and effective skin treatment mechanism by stimulating biochemical process in inner and outer area of biological cell. 

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Ashraf Badawi
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Badawi President at The European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology ESCAD

"This product changed our business and I love everything about it.The customer service was amazing and the product is flawless"