POLYLASETM MX Two state-of-the-art lasers in one complete package

What is Polylase

This dual laser does it all! The 755nm Alexandrite mode provides less pain and high efficacy for hair removal on light skin. This wavelength is also indicated for the removal of age/sun spots (lentigines), purple veins, port wine stains, and birthmarks. The 1064 nm Nd: YAG mode provides the advantage of safe hair removal on dark/tanned skin.

Key features


The deeper penetration of 1064nm wavelength provides maximum efficacy for hair removal in deep follicles (e.g. man’s beard, woman’s bikini line, etc.).


Low space requirements with easy transportability due to compact size and light weight. 
Rapid spot size changes with handpiece auto zoom lens.
On demand use – no need to wait for warm-up – It’s ready whenever you are 

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Ashraf Badawi
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Badawi President at The European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology ESCAD

"This product changed our business and I love everything about it.The customer service was amazing and the product is flawless"