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About Eximia HR77 Platinum

Eximia HR77 Platinum improves body contouring in a non-invasive way with the Eximia 7 days formula, combining four exclusively recognized technologies.
After each treatment, the result is immediately visible.

Eximia HR77 Platinum offers the very latest technologies for qualitative and effective treatments. 

Key features


Modular suction + Diamond heads
Prepare the area that is being treated by removing dead cells and superficial impurities. The oxygenation of the skin increases up to 60%. This fundamental step allows to maximize the penetration of low level red diode laser.


Laser Diode Sources + Electroporation 
Created by using three distinct technologies that work in synergy: Low level red diode laser, multipolar electroporation and vibration. Patented fat removal technology that allows to significantly decrease the volume of adipose tissue in a short time and without any side effect.


4motion endomassage + Radio frequency 
Utilizes the smart patented technology of four motion massage with magnets. Unique rotating head improves the effectiveness and impact of procedure.
Endoconnective stimulation technology consists of four important phases: 
Suction – Pause – Pressure – Release


Square tech precision radio frequency 
Special square tech technology designed to use the frequencies based on the depth of the action pursued. The combination of the electroporation and quadripolar RF accelerates the chemical reaction of the cells.

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Ashraf Badawi
Prof. Dr. Ashraf Badawi President at The European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology ESCAD

"This product changed our business and I love everything about it.The customer service was amazing and the product is flawless"